This section contains:
• Why choose Q*Design?
• Good logo design
• Q*Design logo design portfolio
• The ordering process
• Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
• Order form


A logo is a symbol of the soul of a business...

Don't you just love an innovative and eye-catching business card or letterhead, with an unique and creative logo?


Q*Design logo design service...

If you're setting up a business, or reconsidering the effectiveness of your business' 'look', or developing any product or service for branding, I hope you will consider the talents of Q*Design. We can work with you from the initial concept stage (finding the 'name', 'slogan' etc.) or from a name/concept of your own.


Why choose Q*Design?

Check out why logo design is a highly creative art, the synthesis of many diverse interests and talents centered around the intuitive understanding of language, imagery and symbolism.


Good logo design

What are the features of a good logo? And what marks the distinction between good logo design and great logo design?


Q*Design logo design portfolio

Currently on display here are over 120 original and innovative logo designs. This is the entertaining stuff: many come with a ready-wrapped 'aha' effect.


The ordering process

If you would like us to design your logo or full business identity, this outlines the process of checking out initial drafts and so forth.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

This covers all manner of enquiries, from file format types to payment methods to what to do if you think the results just don't 'cut it'.


Order form

Not just an order form, but also an innovative questionaire to fully elicit your design values and requirements. Our credit card payment method is via a fully secure server. Other payment options also exist.