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Why choose Q*Design?

Logo design is a creative joy...

Businesses have a 'personality' (and soul!) as much as people do, and the logo and 'look' of a business' identity package has to condense a complex reality into a single, memorable and conceptually powerful image. Many marketing experts comment that a company's logo is often its most valuable asset.

Logos are the high point of graphic design I think - so much power (and often real wit) in such a small place! They are an international symbolic language. Yet there are so many drab and repetitive-looking ones out there. Perhaps that's why it's such a rush to come across one that stands out from the crowd.

If you choose Q*Design to design a logo for you - for printed materials, website or both - or full business identity (letterhead, business card etc.), we will treat the task with relish, creative joy, and practical efficiency. Check out the 100+ samples in our portfolio to see if that attitude's produced some good results.


Symbolism inside and out...

Great logo design is based on a highly intuitive understanding of symbolism. The flash of originality that makes a powerful logo distinctive often comes as a sudden realization in the design process.

Yet it is not 'luck' or accident that this happens, but training in an 'art', and an understanding of the ritual of creative process (which requires a form of consecration) that enables such 'blessings' to be reliably counted on to happen.

A lot of this training is in the nature of symbolism, both in a study of various esoteric traditions, and in the exoteric or worldly study of how modern businesses apply such knowledge successfully.

Knowing symbolism 'inside and out'. Inside in being to be able to sense the nature of the business's or product's 'personality' in visual images, and outside in being able to develop and clothe this imagery appropriate to the wider market and times.

Great logo design and product development requires an knowledge of, and 'feel' for such fields as linguistics, semiotics, typography, aesthetics, mythology, literature, etc., and the esoteric symbolism of geometry, number, and colour. It also helps to be good with a pencil!


The only solution possible...

In the end great logo design is the ability to 'storm' many possibilities but be graced by the touch of something fresh, simple, and new, that looks like it was the only solution ever possible!

I hope this excites your interest in having us create something for you.