A creative exercise for you...

Most of these logos are logotypes, that is, where the the design is based on the typography.

If you like, you can make your viewing a creative exercise by considering the business or brand name listed, and before checking to see my design solution, ponder some possible directions that you might have taken in fashioning an appropriate logo.

Most of the designs are for print purposes rather than website logos. Once a vector-based logo is created - that is, one that is scalable to any print size, whether business card, letterhead, road or vehicle signage etc. - it can then be bitmapped (with all sorts of textural, lighting, and image effects) for use on a website. However, special finishing touches will never make up for poor conceptual design.

Enjoy the gallery!

Ink Inc. (printing firm)
Titirangi Guitar School
'Wag' Dog Obedience School
Glove (snowboard clothing range)
Chemical (trance/techno music event)
Pisces Swimwear
Sphinx Encryption Systems
Greenlight Bookshop
Hades Bar & Grill
Glance Eyewear
Grail Books
Elbow Grease Cleaning Services
'Brilliant' Child Learning Centre
Gorgon (red wine label)
Mieow Cat Food
The Grab Bag Bargain Shop
Synchrony Database Management Systems
Million (catering company)
Isthmus Internet Services
Lunar-Solar Unisex Salon
Mutual Finance
Satyr Pleasure Wear
Venom Energy Drink
Centaur Communications
Gyroscope (satellite communications)
Getaround Couriers
Safe Passage Immigration Consultants
Yoyo Kids Toys
Frog Children's Books
The O.K. Kayak Co.
Ra Financial Services
Ridgelight Property Development
Surge Laundry Powder
InkQWell Commercial Printers
Rack Up Snooker Hall
Foucault Satellite Phones
Tomorro (youth television programme)
Ruff Neck Records
Crucifixion (Heavy Metal rock band)
Juggler (computer colour management system)
Radiate Heating Systems
Gyre Software
Aegis Recruitment
Slogun - T-shirts with attitude
Pinky (girls' fashion)
Totem (clothing range)
Torso (clothing range)
Idol (speaker systems)
Sedan Luxury Limosine Co.
Chariot Display Systems
Rag & Bone (specialist publishers)
'Suspect' - the detective board game
Initio Business Consultants
West (men's toiletries)
Kiss (teenagers' cosmetics range)
Inch by Inch Garden Furniture
Tiller (navigational equipment)
Fall Jeans
Jonah (children's clothing range)
In-to-it Management Consultants
Volley (sportswear label)
Cauldron (women's bookshop)
Icarus (cable network)
Excalibur (computer game)
Ramification Systems Analysis
Rear-up Stud Farm
Selene (women's health product range)
Vow (girls' fashion)
Rampage (rock band)
Not One Jot (stationery range)
Momentum (men's journal)
Gender Bender (fashion label)
Median Point (Shopping Mall)
Stirrup Horse Floats
Force of Arms (labour hire agency)
Yggdrasil (publishers)
Juxtapose (recruitment agency)
Persephone Data Encryption Systems
Tulip (Dutch-style furnishings)
Quinn's Flower Exports
Fraction (oil products)
Median (market research group)
Rocking Horse Recording studio
Submarine Sandwich Bar
White Collar Criminals (Jazz band)
Swivel (modern kitchenware)
Strategy (board game)
Yeti (mountain footwear)
Qwan-Yin Chinese Herbal Dispensary
Weekend Leisure Sportswear
Abyss Nightclub
Topnotch (fashion label)
Glory Children's Fund)
Virginity (fiction book range)
Ovo Farms
Accent Accesories
Tank (teenage boys' fashion)
Grandstand Umbrellas
Filthy Lucre (funny money for comic event in UK)
Germinate (organic goods)
Cover Insurance
Falchion (fantasy jewellery range)
The Rice Bowl (restaurant)
Fall Knitwear
Kick (sportswear)
Primo Pianos Ltd.
To & Fro (fashion label)
Toggle Data Relay Systems
The Big Bicycle Shop
All Adventure Tours (N.Z.) Ltd.
Angelmine Books (publishers)
Halo (fashion label)
Hottie Children's Clothing
Terra Incognita (clothing label)
Bone Dog (surf & swimwear)
Questionable Taste (clothing label)
New Millenium Party (political party)
Ocean (seafood restaurant)
Neo-Eon-One (free: see Q*Design: VIsual Arts)
Quintessence Tools for Transformation
Quasar Telecommunications