Three stories to entertain you..

Three stories for my children: one written for Tamarah, one for Joel and Eli, and one for all three.

All of these story books are available for publication. Interested publishers can contact me for details.

The first story is enhanced if you have a child present to share it with (children: click here to see some dolphins jumping in that water over there...).


Summaries of the stories...

The first, "Swimming To Sleep", roughly suitable for ages 3-10, has all the illustrations on display, and is the story of a girl's imaginary adventures in a tropical aquarium as she drifts off to sleep.

The second, "the Silver Cord", roughly suitable for ages 3-10, has collage illustrations of many different animal groups, and is the story of two twin boys following their 'silver cord' of connectedness to find each other.

The third, "The Father Flower", roughly suitable for ages 6-12, had small rough line drawings initally, which I have left out here (except for three) in the anticipation of doing better ones should the story be accepted for publication. This is a very unusually structured story, concerning the adventures of a boy called Jet.

I would be happy to receive any comments or feedback about these stories. Please e-mail me.


Click the water button above to go to the story.

Children: click here for a sample picture, that you can go 'swimming in' too (like the girl in the story), by moving your mouse over the picture.

This is a project I completed for my Diploma in Computer Graphic Design in 2001, and is as yet unpublished (publishers, if you are interested, contact me). It is entirely hand-drawn in Macromedia's FreeHand programme, without the use of tracing drawings scanned in, as per the terms of the assignment.

It was also a 8th birthday present for my daughter Tamarah. The main character is modelled on her, and the aquarium is modelled mostly on Tamarah's aquarium, though this resides at our home and not her "Grandmother's" as the story suggests.

The star of Tamarah's fishtank (as in the story) is 'Nightlight', the ghost knife fish who I find a very compelling and wondrous character .The way he emerges at night from his 'cave', swimming both backwards and forwards with his rippling underfin - indeed his spirit is that of the "nocturnal nightwatchman", a wiseman of the underworld.

I would like here too to acknowledge a children's book which directly inspired what I wanted to do with this story - "The Whale's Song" by Dyan Sheldon and Gary Blythe. Reading this story, I appreciated and wanted to imitate what I saw it recognised in children - a capacity to drink deeply of mystery, beauty, and poetic sensibility.

This book is presented here in its fullness as a gift to all the children who might enjoy it, and for all the wonderful parents raising those that will shape our futures.

This collage and mixed media picturebook was a 'one-off' Xmas present to my twin boys, Joel and Eli, (who live with their mother Zahira) in 1997. I present it here as the full story, but with only a few photographs of its original 22 pages - and these are also "unfinished" versions currently, as the colour-xeroxed, laminated, and bound version I sent the boys has a 'silver cord' of sparkling glued glitter as a 'continuous thread' running from page to page through the book. I will place better photos on this website at some point in the future. Original pages measured 300 mm x 420 mm, a large format.

I still find it curious that back then I didn't think it necessary for the book to have a proper 'book look' with cover and title pages etc. - just straight into the story! Part of my learning.

The main 'idea' in this work is that a book for twins would be good to start at both ends - the two main characters, Joel and Eli, meeting in the centre spread. So from there developed the idea of following the 'silver cord' - an allusion to the psychic connection between siblings, and especially twin siblings.

As with most of my collage artwork efforts, I'm grateful to that fine magazine, the National Geographic.

This story was a Xmas gift to my twin sons, Joel and Eli, and also my 'step'-daughter, Tamarah, in 1999. It is mainly a work of text - 51 pages in all. The original version has about 40 small b&w drawings inserted into the pages, but I've left those out here as they were truly a 'rushed' job so that Santa could be on time - all done in one morning.

There are still three images though: the cover illustration, an newly-colourised inside cover illustration, and a 'map' that guides the characters through their curious adventures.

The story concerns chldren who have some combination of 'natural' father, and what I prefer to call 'nurture' father in their lives.

So I wrote the story for my boys, to give them a context for their 'natural' father (myself, who doesn't live with them), and I also wrote it for Tamarah, whose natural dad is in Australia, and whose nurture dad, myself, does as well as he can to discover his place in the scheme of things. The initials of their three names - Joel, Eli, and Tamarah - give the main character, Jet, his name (although in the story this is said to be a result of 'Jonathan Edward Thomas').

All three children were six years old when the story was written (which you'll discover is a fairly significant fact to the tale), though I've had to acknowledge since that I pitched the comprehension level a bit 'high', even for having it read to them, and they (as often with gifts of clothing), are 'growing into it'.

This one's a gift too for all dads everywhere.