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Tarot Passages
Formerly 'Michele's Tarot Page. Simple in design, it is very easy to navigate. One of the oldest and more comprehensive Tarot websites. Very perceptive and articulate deck and book reviews. Huge amount of links to the Tarot Community. Diane Wilkes is the webmaster.

Aeclectic Tarot
Wonderful site, clear and consistent design. Over 350 Tarot decks illustrated with six or so cards each, plus reviews (that you can contribute to),Tarot faqs, a Tarot forum etc. A great Australian site. Solandia is the webmaster.

This is a very impressive site. There are several sections within the Tarot area. The Tarot Card Gallery, a great section where you can view several cards from several hundred Tarot decks, with links to Amazon, Ebay, and the artist's homepages; the ClipArt Tarot, a tarot card deck; The SpellCaster, an online greeting card program modified to send tarot spells online; and The Thoth Deck section. A technically sophisticated webdesign.

The Mystic Eye
This is a wonderful site, attractively presented with magickal touches and many visuals. Besides Tarot, there are sections on occult information, magickal items, and a gallery. The Tarot section has articles, reviews, software, Tarot info, and a large range of Tarot decks illustrated with half a dozen cards from each, and an amazingly extensive Tarot links section. A great resource.

Tapestry Tarot Magazine
The electronic magazine (e-zine) for the Tarot community. Tapestry is edited by Crystal Sage, and is a popular online source of Tarot information for both the new Tarot reader and the more experienced Tarot reader. Back issues are available.

Tools and Rites Of Transformation (T.A.R.O.T.) (not currently online)
The website of Mary Greer, author of the best-selling trilogy of Tarot books that began with 'Tarot For Yourself', which revolutionized the field of Tarot as applied to personal growth and self-discovery. Tarot news, reviews, resources, spreads, "how to's," and also featuring the work of Ed Buryn, creator of 'The William Blake Tarot of the Creative Imagination', a fine Tarot wizard if ever there was one.

Wicce's Tarot Collection
A nonprofit information resource on the web, with tarot deck reviews, tarot books, spreads and layouts, tarot links, tarot humor, a monthly tarot newsletter, a tarot deck exchange and email tarot discussion list. Don't be dissuaded by the simple design and rather stark colours - Wicce (Gina M. Pace) is an articulate Tarot enthusiast, and the site has many interesting features.

The Tarot School
The Tarot School offers live and audio-taped classes, telephone teleclasses and a correspondence course. Free 'Tarot Tips' newsletter, info on the New York Tarot Festival, articles from Arcanum Magazine, links and more.

This is the website of musician, author, and teacher R.J.Stewart, creator of the Dreampower Tarot and the Merlyn Tarot (illustrated by Miranda Gray). There are free readings with the Dreampower Tarot here, but also a large range of Tarot-related aspects such as a discussion of the Underworld,Magical, Faery, and Kabbalah traditions, a discussion forum etc. A professional-looking site.

Tarot Moon
The enchanting and well-designed website of Thrysse, Tarot enthusiast, with Tarot readings, reviews, articles, card images, and more.

Byzant Mystical
This site aims to help you explore, enjoy and examine a range of subjects encompassing mysticism, symbolism, philosophy, psychology, poetry, spirituality and beyond. The sections include Tarot, Symbols, Kabbalah, Biography, Astrology, and the Scriptorium. An erudite and well-presented site, and a man, Robert Mills, though now unavailable to contact, with his heart in the right place. Well recommended.

Santa Cruz School for Tarot and Qabalah
Amber Jayanti, founder of the Santa Cruz School for Tarot & Qabalah Study (l975), is a practical mystic who has been living, studying, consulting with and teaching these subjects for over 30 years. She is the author of "Living the Tarot, "Principles of the Qabalah," and "Tarot For Dummies" among other works. The website has articles, reviews, a Q and A section, and other resources.

Spectrums of Possibility
The website of Dr. Art Rosengarten, psychologist, therapist, writer, speaker, Tarot expert, and author of 'Tarot and Psychology: Spectrums of Possibility' (2000). A sincere and intelligent consideration of the Tarot. He includes his 'meanings' of the Major cards on this site.

The Pasteboard Masquerade
'My amusements with a pack of tarot cards' as Mark Filipas says on his home page. Mark is also an amazing digital artist. This site has reviews and pictures of some rare 'favorite' decks of his, and some essays on Tarot and esoteric traditions , the Tarot and literary archetypes, and others.

The Alchemical Egg
This is the web site of Robert M. Place, creator of The Alchemical Tarot, The Tarot of the Saints, and The Angels Tarot. It contains articles on his decks and on magic and mysticism and features his art and mystical jewelry. This site is a vessel dedicated to the spirit of Hermes and meant to serve as a catalyst for personal transformation and improvement. Robert is a consummate articulator of Tarot lore.

Learning the Tarot
Since 1995 Joan Bunning has made this course available on the web. Learning the Tarot is a self-paced series of 19 lessons that begin with the basics and then move gradually into more detailed aspects of the tarot. These lessons are geared toward beginners, but experienced tarot users will find some useful ideas and techniques as well.

I have made this link to Nina Lee Braden's Moonstruck website's 'site map', as I think that shows best the huge range of materials here: her 'Tarot for Spiritual Discovery' section with its reviews, major card essays etc., the section of the esoteric symbols in the Rider-Waite deck, the 'Tarot Reflections' section of guest writer's articles... there is so much here. She also has a extensive links section with 'blurbs' to help guide your way (like with this links area). A great resource.

Queen of Pentacles
The wonderful site of Joani Collins, with many different sections such as Tarot book and deck reviews, articles, free automated readings, a reader directory, Tarot card properties and interpretations, a cross-reference to deck reviews from around the web, and a Tarot Talk forum with message boards, instant messaging, note board, calendar, and chat.

Tarot at Telperion Productions
Tom Tadfor Little's website, an erudite and also warmly engaging Tarot presence on the web. Forty odd decks to consider, essays on the evolution and uses of the Tarot, the work of his own 'Hermit's Tarot' - very much worth a visit.

The Hermitage: A Tarot History Site
Tom Tadfor Little's online resource for Tarot history. Very thorough, information on the history of tarot, the cards themselves, theories, games played with them and more!

Raven's Tarot Site
An interesting and visually engaging site, with a Kabbalist perspective.

Thoth Tarot Fractals by 777
These are amazing - The Thoth Tarot deck Major Arcana transformed with fractal software and the eye of the artist. Some are more successful than others in my view - I especially liked these versions of the Fool, Magician, another Magician, High Priestess, Lust, Death, Art, Devil, another Devil, and the Universe. It perhaps takes some familiarity with the Thoth Tarot to appreciate the transformations.

Tarot Insights
Nellie Levine's Tarot website, very attractively designed with over 30 Tarot deck reviews, a Tarot journal, tips for beginners etc.

An Italian website (though in English), Alida deals with rare, unusual, ancient, mostly European Tarot decks - 500 or so of them.

Tarot Aotearoa
The website of Fern Mercier, Tarot and Astrology consultant, teacher, writer, and presenter, She's based in Auckland, a good friend of mine. She considers Tarot and Astrology as "ancient language systems that can bring insight and healing into our modern lives", and uses and teaches these disciplines "in the old traditions of divination (fortune-telling) as well as a meditative path to self-understanding."

Pentacles Psychic Adventures Newsletter
Free monthly newsletter covering tarot, healing, psychic and other New Age businesses, created by my friend Pat Martin, including news of her book, Tarot for Business.

Susan Levitt's Tarot Site
A tarot, feng shui, astrology, and Goddess spirituality website. Scholarly articles, book excerpts, and book reviews. A clear, beautifully presented site.

Enchanted Spirit
The Enchanted Spirit Metaphysical Resource Center, run by Rebecca Brent, is one of my favouriteTarot-related sites on the web, offering horoscopes, tarot readings, classes, e-books, free ezines in your email, and free articles through their online metaphysical ezine, The Enchanted Sprite.

Terryann Nikides
Terryann, BA Psychology, Reiki Master, Clairsentient, Spiritual Counselor, Tarot Reader, Light Trance Channeler. Based in Quebec, Canada.

Pegasus Dreaming
A lovely site based on dreams, poetry, and the Tarot, three of my favourite subjects. Submissions from various people and others welcomed. A good Dreams/Tarot links page too with descriptions.

Church of Tarot
Lady DenElder's very personal and original Tarot site. There is a wide range of poetry, song, quotations, and research notes devoted to the archetypes of the Major cards, among other things. Extensive articles.

All Things Tarot
The AllThingsTarot website stemmed from the popular discussion group of the same name ( On this U.K. site can be found articles and reviews, tips and exercises, among other things.

Astarte's Tarot Web
Simple in design yet packed with information, articles, interviews, reviews, etc., this site is run by Lysander now that Astarte is taking a break. A real archive of Tarot history and culture.

Tarot Celebrations
This is the website of Geraldine Amaral, author (with Nancy Brady Cunningham) of the book "Tarot Celebrations". She offers Empowerment Tarot Consultations and Tarot Classes. The site is clean and bright in design.

The Crystal Gate
This is the wonderfully cosy and imaginative site of Bonnie Cehovet, writer, Reiki Master and professional Tarot reader. Sections on Tarot, Shamanism, Personal Empowerment, Publishing, and Personal Lifestyle Readings. She has a good links section too.

Tarot Corner
A very busy and comprehensive site, offering Tarot readings, articles, quizs, surveys, Tarot decks and books for sale etc.

Healing From Within
The site of Susan Eller, a counselor, Reiki Master Teacher, and intuitive Tarot reader located in Tucson, Arizona. She has a master's degree in psychology with 25 years experience in the holistic/self-development field.

Finding The Muse
Christine Jette's site, author of the books "Tarot Shadow Work", "Tarot for the Healing Heart" and "Tarot For All Seasons", published by Llewellyn. She says the site has "a little of everything, from astrology and tarot, to the heady joys and profound frustrations of writing--with a side line or two found on the Catnip page."

Tarot Made Easy
The website of Pamela Haynes Zepp co-created with Nancy Garen, author of the best-selling "Tarot Made Easy" and the workbook, "The Tarot According To You". Pam Zepp has studied theology, psychology and metaphysics extensively over the last twenty years and the past ten have been almost exclusively focused on the Tarot and its related disciplines.

The Thoth School of Tarot
This is the website of Karin Taylor's Tarot School based in London. On the site there are "Tarot classes for beginners and professional training, free tarot tips, monthly in-depth theme, resources, psychic development tools (clairvoyance, potions, books, tapes), the code of conduct, and the opportunity to join a professional association."

Intuitive Tarot
The website of David River, with Tarot readings and information and articles on Wicca, including psychic reading, spirit guides, auras, reincarnation etc. A well-designed and comprehensive site.

Tarot Cycles
Unique tarot horoscope for the seven cycles of your year. TarotCycles is based on the traditional intuitive arts of tarot and astrology: a unique tarot horoscope, new age astrology for psychic and spiritual health, delivered via email for the seven cycles of your year. Tarot Cycles provides a mirror for the spirit and a voice for your inner healer.

Angel Paths
Angel Paths started off offering guided meditation Tarot courses back in June 1998, and has grown hugely to give you over 400 pages of healing, mystical and spiritual resources, including a Daily Card to work with, multiple Forums for discussion and healing, articles, spreads and New Age Music reviews.
A free, on-line ezine for Tarot Consultants and readers, from beginner to veteran, with articles, spreads, reviews, tips and more!

Salem Tarot
Salem Tarot is a comprehensive guide to Tarot, Witchcraft, and Salem. Take a tour of this bewitching city that includes Tarot Wisdom, Salem Tradition, Witches' Spells, and Psychic Readings.

Jason Carr's Tarot site, one of the earlier one's on the web, featuring Tarot books, BOTA (Builders of the Adytum), Christianity v. Occultism?, "Coming out", Tarot decks, Esoteric Orders, the Great Work, notes to the Beginner etc.

Gail Fairfield's Site
Gail Fairfield has more than 20 years of experience as a choice-centered professional astrologer and tarot consultant. The term 'choice-centered' realtes to Gail's belief that, although astrology and tarot can give us all kinds of insights into the meaning and direction of our lives, the ultimate choices are up to us. She is the author of 'Choice Centered Tarot', and a new book 'Choice-centered Relating and the Tarot'.

The Fool's World
The site of Judith Laura, with 'Tarot and Related Wonders' such as 'Spreads', 'How does it work?', 'Classes and Readings' etc.

Knighthawk's Tarot
The site of James Ricklef, a Los Angeles based Certified Tarot Master and freelance writer, author of "KnightHawk's Tarot Readings" , with articles and deck reviews, readings, and a section on Tarot humour and games etc.

A book about the tarot, by Taetia Zysshe, which includes card interpretations, suggestions for practices and rituals, and many reviews of tarot decks. It is presented here in its entirety.

Tarot 22
This site, by Leon Jacobowitz Efron, is meant as a reference to those interested in Tarot and Kabbalah. It is doesn't explain the different meanings of cards or any of the basics, but contains articles on subjects that can be used in relation to Tarot as tools for enriching and improving one's Tarot reading technique and ability.

Tarot Review
Tarot Review publishes free tarot deck and book reviews for your convenience. They have no financial interest in any tarot deck or book reviewed. They don't endorse the opinions of any reviewer though they do recommend the reviewers as informed tarot experts.

Tarot France
This is an intriguing find! The 'Arithmological Structure of the Tarot' as a 'pyramid' or Pythagorean triangle of 78, the sum of 12+11+10+9+8+7+6+5+4+3+2+1! As the site says "The 78 cards of Tarot reveal a pythagorean structure that the reader will find here completely unfolded." Another take on the Taromandala? Available in English.