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Aecletic Tarot
Worth mentioning again, as it has links to many individual deck sites. Over 200 Tarot decks illustrated with six or so cards each, plus reviews (that you can contribute to),Tarot faqs, a Tarot forum etc. A great Australian site. Solandia is the webmaster.

Wonderful Tarot Gallery
"Wonderful Tarot" on-line Art Gallery manage on-line selling for Edizioni d'Arte Lo Scarabeo Publishing. Since 1987 Edizioni d'Arte Lo Scarabeo created, realized and published over 100 Tarots decks, becoming one of the most important producers in the world for research, carefulness and originality. Now, Lo Scarabeo propose a series of original, beautiful Tarot decks, in limited editions of 250 copies, printed over special paper, signed by the Curator, and packaged in very elegant boxes.

The Erisian Tarot
Awesome Tarot deck - dark, vibrant, artistic, modern. Unfinished at present, though fifteen of the Major cards are done and available to view. The creator, Eric, has limited edition prints of the artwork available to help finance the progress of this deck.

The Mary-El Tarot
What an incredible Tarot deck, full of deep and very personal symbolism! Marie White's paintings are very beautiful. Her portrayal of Death as an old woman, Temperance as a tiger in the surf, Judgement as a phoenix, the Empress as a woman with baby collecting apples.. each traditional archetype is reworked to reveal new light and new blood.

Wheel Of Change Tarot
Alexandra Genetti's Tarot, a wonderful work.

Victoria Regina Tarot
Artist Sarah Ovenall and co-author Georg Patterson's beautiful Victorian illustration Tarot, released in March 2002. Such a beautiful site too - a very cool aesthetic. And check out the extra "Happy Squirrel" Major Arcana card!

David Sexton's Tarot decks
David's hope is "that these thoughts and images will stimulate creativity, the way other web sites have inspiried my creativity." A kindred spirit. His site has three of his Tarot decks displayed, all with beautiful figurative designs and spirited sense of gesture and movement: the Winged Spirit Tarot Deck, the Anne Rice deck, and a Wizard of Oz Tarot Deck. Very inspiring work.

Chaos Tarot
A fractal-based Tarot by John Berger, with a Thelemic/Crowleyian theme. Some wonderfully evocative fractals. I like the cool Flash-based (?) buttons on this site!

Dreampower Tarot
A large site featuring the work of musician,writer,and teacher R.J.Stewart, this also includes readings available with the Dreampower Tarot, and references to his other Tarot, The Merlyn Tarot.

Elemental Tarot
The Elemental Tarot is by artist/symbolist Caroline Smith and astrologer John Astrop. It is a modern deck with a beautiful sense of design to the artwork - clean, funky, lots of bright colours. A professional-looking site design too.

The Templar Tarot
This is an outstanding deck, inspired by the spirituality and legends of the Knights Templar, believed by some to have introduced the Tarot into Europe. Each card is beautifully painted by artist Allen Chester.

The Millennium Tarot
This Tarot is designer photographic art in molten gold relief that looks as though it has caught the afternoon sun. Elements from classical paintings are richly recontextualized. A shame about the variable frame borders though perhaps. A professional site design, though some pages, with text as an image, take a while to load. A number of readings available with the deck.

Voyager Tarot
The website of James Wanless, creator of 'The Voyager Tarot' and author of the recent "Strategic Intuition for the 21st Century: Tarot for Business'.

Magic Tarot of Aleksey Kluev
This is a link to a page of Mark Filipas' Tarot site (see Tarot Sites -General: The Pasteboard Masquerade) but I include it here as this rare Russian deck is so beautiful.

Brian Williams
Brian is the creator of the Minchiate Tarot, the Renaissance Tarot, and the Pomo Tarot. Like many, I find the Pomo (Post Modern) Tarot one of the most entertaining Tarots ever. Brian passed away recently, a key figure in the Tarot world, leaving behind a beautiful legacy of creativity.

The Alchemical Wedding Tarot Series
This is not 'everyone's' Tarot - be warned (especially the Emperor and Death!). However, these photographic montages, by artist David Aronson, are powerful, erotic, and haunting.

Mary Crane's Tarot
Ony the Emperor, Star, Moon, and Two of Swords are shown, and the deck is not available any more, but these card images I find very beautiful, and can be ordered as fine art prints.

The Cosmic Tribe Tarot
Digital magician Stevee Postman's cosmically-designed website! The Cosmic Tribe Tarot is one of my very favourite decks - so much talent and work in this. Stevee's gallery of digital art here is also a feast for the eyes.

The Vision Tarot Homepage
This is one of the best photographic-style decks available, using sculptural elements as well, in a very coherantly designed deck. The website features Tim Thompson's other artwork also.

The Vortex Tarot
Lisa Parson's Vortex Tarot consists of vibrant computer-based images that illuminate 'the metaphysical teachings of the entities called Abraham'. All the cards are shown, with accompanying quotations.

The Alchemical Egg
This is the web site of Robert M. Place, creator of The Alchemical Tarot, The Tarot of the Saints, and The Angels Tarot.

Rare Tarot's Scan showcase
This page from the Rare Tarot website is a changing display of individual cards from rare Tarot decks. Worth checking out.

World Spirit Tarot
Illustrated by Lauren O'Leary, with text by Jessica Godino & Lauren O'Leary, and published by Llewellyn Worldwide, this Tarot deck is radiant with colour in a woodcut style, with very broad range of cross-cultural imagery. Fantastic.

Dreamline Vertigo Tarot site
An 'unofficial' website for the work of Dave McKean, creator of the hugely regarded Vertigo Tarot, and the Particle Tarot, a powerfully surealistic series of photographic images (I love that multi-breasted Empress).

Perdition Vertigo Tarot site
This site is meant to provide the user an insight into the beautiful world of Vertigo's Tarot. The intorduction says that "It is by no means even close to being comparable to the real thing", although the site design and easy display of all the cards of this deck are a real viewing pleasure

Byzantine Tarot
These card, created for Milorad Pavic's novel "The Last Love In Constantinople" are some of my favourite Tarot images - simple pastels, traditional in imagery, yet unusual and soulful. They are done by Ivan Pavic, a relative of the author? Easy site with which to view the cards.

Lauren Raine's Tarot series
These eight or so paintings are the beginnings of what promises to be an intensely powerful deck. Some wonderful reworkings of traditional Tarot imagery.

The Silicon Valley Tarot
A wonderfully funny Tarot based on modern computer life. The Major Arcana has figures like The Hacker, The Consultant, Spam, The Server, Flame War, Bugs, Sea of Cubicles etc. You'll have to check it out to see which traditional major cards these take a swipe at.

Fractal Firebird Tarot
A colourful blend of fractals and Tarot. Among my favourites are the High Priestess, Lovers, Hermit, and Wheel of Fortune, which really are suggestive of the traditional forms as well as being intriguingly abstract for free associations.

The Stone Tarot (this link gone offline?)
This deck by Alison Stone is a richly colourful and vibrant interpretation of the traditional images. The Court cards are especially beautiful. All the cards are also available to view at AeonGlobe here.

Yo Tarot - deck and poetry
David Kessel does the multi-media images of this 22 major card Tarot, and Steve Lewis supplies the poetry. Both are well worth the visit.

The Healing Tarot
This is the homepage of a beautiful photographic Tarot deck by the Reverend Jennifer Elizabeth Moore. Some articles here too.

Dan Shakelford's 'Masculinist' deck
Dan says on his website that 'as a gay man that means that (my Tarot) cards have predominant nude or semi-nude male imagery.' The figures are in fact done with the computer programme 'Poser', and backgrounds with Bryce and Paintshop Pro, so the result is a powerful 3D set of scenes, including Minor cards, which are then quite surreal and some may even say kitsch. A lot of work and an amazingly distinct result.

The Evergreen Tarot
This an interesting Photoshop collage-style deck. For me, some images are very beautiful, of the fifteen or so so far finished, and some don't relate so well to the others. A deck in prgress to watch out for.

The Transformational Tarot
A limited edition Tarot deck and book set Created by Arnell Ando, Certified Expressive Art Therapist The deck has sold out but the images are still displayed on this site. A beautiful collage-style deck.

The Pythagorean Tarot
An awesomely erudite Tarot deck, an "Interpretation of the Major and Minor Arcana on Pythagorean and Alchemical Principles" by John Opsopaus. Part of his larger Biblioteca Arcana site on Hellanistic Paganism.

David's Tarot
A black and white, brush and ink Tarot in a 'Zen' style - highly original artwork.

Singoalla's Tarot
A Photoshop-style Tarot. Some unusual images. Certainly worth a look.

Tarot of the Dead
The Tarot of the Dead is an independently published full color 78 card Tarot Deck inspired by Dias de los Muertos/Day of the Dead. A wonderfully comic Tarot, well illustrated.

Fantasy or Miracle Tarot
Fantasy Tarot (a.k.a. Miracle Tarot) is beautifully drawn by Reiko Shimizu. Her unique manga style makes the set of cards look very stunning and mysterious.

Mexican Tarot (modern photographs)
This deck, by Jose Raul Perez, is a series of black and white photographs taken in Mexico that correspond with the Tarot archetypes. Very evocative. If you mouse over the card, the related image from the Tarot de Marseilles appears. Intelligent text

List of Tarot decks with images shown
This link is to the Astrology Centre of America's listing of Tarot decks, with images available to view for each deck.

Shelly Corbett's Art Photography
Hard to recognise the specific Tarot archetypes/cards in this 'Tarot', but the stunning underwater photography of bodies and fabrics of Shelly is very beautiful, and her site is arranged with stylish motifs of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth, in a way that gives another view on the modern face of Tarot.

Samantha Kocsis's Dolphin Daze deck
A 22-card deck in a naïve style featuring original paintings done in ink, watercolor, and acrylics, and using iridescent paints and jewel tone colors.

Waking the Wild Spirit Tarot
A beautiful and intricate Tarot deck based on natural forms and Otherworldly archetypes/fairytale imaginative blend of dream imagery and mystery traditions. The book is written in the first person to help bring the work to life as a work of magical fiction.