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The 1st Pagan Church of All Worlds
I've been a (somewhat inactive) member of this since 1991. I first visited the land where Oberon, Morning Glory, and some of the other founders lived in 1989. I remember dancing as the Green Man in the Lugnasad ritual down by the stream. The mission of the Church of All Worlds is 'to evolve a network of information, mythology and experience that provides a context and stimulus for re-awakening Gaea, and re-uniting her children through tribal community dedicated to responsible stewardship and evolving consciousness.' Sounds good enough to me.

Shamanism introductory article
A good 'find' on the web - a one page overview of 'an ancient tribal practice in a modern industrial world' - Shamanism. By Karen Berggren.

Leslie Kenton's Shamanic work
Leslie Kenton, bettter known for her work with health and beauty, has more recently undertaken in-depth training with the world authority on Shamanism, Dr Michael Harner and other experts in the field. She has developed her own Journey to Freedom workshops (there's also a great book by the same name) which uses ancient shamanic traditions to 'help people enhance health, creativity and personal power as well as to live more fully their individual truth.' They 'combine shamanism together with tools from mythology, leading-edge physics, biology, systems theory and the rapidly developing science of consciousness itself.'

The Order Of The Sacred Grove
The Order of the Sacred Grove 'is a Modern American Witchcraft Tradition dedicated to the practice of the Old Religion and to the establishment of the Temple of the Goddess. OSG consists of independent but cooperative covens or groves within the larger order. We are open to both men and women.' There is such a beautiful 'woody', Celtic, faery feeling to this website design.

Crescent Magazine
A Pagan magazine of art, philosophy, and belief. Evocative web design.

This is the website of musician, author, and teacher R.J.Stewart There are discussions of the Underworld,Magical, Faery, and Kabbalah traditions, Tarot readings, a discussion forum etc. A professional-looking site.

Terence McKenna's psychedelic musings
Articles and writing from a very provocative mind, author of 'The Archaic Revival'. He passed away on April 3, 2000.

Ancient Ways Bookstore, Berkeley CA
Thought I'd put in a plug for them, as this is the bookstore where I purchased my first Tarot deck (the Thoth deck) in 1988.

Zodiac Arts
A great site by a Hawaiaan couple, Sandra and David Mosley, who in particular promote the usefulness of aligning one's life to the eight phases of the Moon's cycle.
WiccaNet was born as Pagan Broadcasting Systems (PBS) on Beltaine 1985, when they became the world's first Wiccan/pagan BBS. The website is now a clearly set out resource, with good 'leading paragraphs' presented to interesting articles.

Witch's Voice
The Witches' Voice is a proactive educational network providing news, information services and resources for and about Pagans, Heathens, Witches and Wiccans. Cool design!

Pagan Awareness Network (Australia)

Wayward Pagan Home
This site is dedicated to bringing you:clear and concise information on Wicca and paganism, resources for beginners and experienced practitioners, definitions of commonly used magickal terms, ethical spells and rituals, a searchable index of Gods and Goddesses, free fonts and graphics, and a listing of other relevant sites.

Venus Rising Institute for Shamanic Healing Arts.
A non-profit organization dedicated to the principle that in transforming ourselves we change the world, providing: Integration of age-old wisdom with the expanding birth of higher consciousness: Certification Training in Shamanic Breathworkª, Pastoral Counseling, Shamanic Reiki and Shamanic Astrology: Academic Degree programs in Shamanic Healing Arts: Professional development, Personal Healing and Experiential Processes in Sacred Space.

The Shaman Institute
Integrating Science and the Shamanic Arts. Offering education, training, and healing through workshops and seminars, consultations, sacred travel, telecourses, books, audiotapes, and articles, for the enlightened public and, for healing professionals through its affiliated LifeQuest Center for Continuing Education.

Foundation for Shamanic Studies
Founded by internationally renowned anthropologist Michael Harner with a three-fold mission to study, to teach, and to preserve shamanism, the Foundation for Shamanic Studies has built a reputation of consistency and dependability by providing reliable training in core shamanism to interested learners worldwide.

The World of Z. Budapest
Z.Budapest, Author of the book that changed women's spirituality, The Holy Book of Women's Mysteries, presents a website designed for the Goddess within. Join Z and her sisters in the Goddess to discover here what you can do to start your journey. Also creator of the bi-annual Goddess Festival, manifest your destiny.