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Mandala Community

'Have You Seen God' Mandala Art Collection
A page of twenty thumbnails of amazing mandalas, traditional and modern style by various artists.I especially like this one by Cynthia Ré Robbins, this one by Gage Taylor and Uriel Dana, and this one by André Martins de Barros.

A large animated Yin-Yang
Not so much a Mandala as the duality principle that becomes four in the Mandala, but this seemed the best place to put the link. A large, slow, animated Yin-Yang like this is quite a good object for a meditation and consideration.

Star Wheel Mandalas by Aya
Here are 96 thumbnails of 'Star Wheel' Mandalas by Aya, some based on similar structures like the labyrinth. An amazing artistic journey.

Mandalas on the Web
The Mandala websites links page of Clare Goodwin's Mandala Page. Clare is an artist, consultant and educator, and a certified Psychosynthesis therapist. She creates personalized Mandalas for people used intuitive insight, and also teaches a comprehensive Mandala Correspondence course.

Mandala Universe of Judith Cornell
This beautifully designed website is 'dedicated to healing body, mind, and spirit, based on Dr. Judith Cornell's original methods for applying the sacred art of the mandala and the spiritual science of light (subtle life force energies) and sacred sound (mantra).' Judith Cornell Ph.D. is author of MANDALA: Luminous Symbols for Healing. Since 1987, Dr. Judith Cornell has pioneered a method that blends this form of sacred art with theories in quantum physics, the spiritual science of meditative yoga, and transpersonal psychology.

Michael Brown's Mandala Symbolism
An article by Michael Brown, who regularly conducts seminars, workshops, and retreats on how to use mandala art as a tool for transforming consciousness, and uses it with his counseling clients. He also has some interesting articles here on 'The Bone Game', 'Image and Symbol', and 'The Wilderness Vision Quest'.

Traditional Mandala structure
An comprehensive article about traditional Eastern Mandalas.

Earth Mandalas
Beautiful Mandalas made from photographs of the Earth and nature. A wonderfully creative site, generous in its spirit.

Art4Spirit - the art of Cynthia Ré Robbins
Such beautiful art here, especially her 'Sacred Thread Mandala'!

The Mandala Project
A non-profit project for promoting peace through art and education. Make a Mandala and have it displayed here with many others. What a lovely idea.

Mandalas by Jonathan Quintin
Computer-rendered geometric Mandalas by my friend Jonathan Quintin, now resident in New Zealand.

Mandalas by Atmara Rebecca Cloe
Twelve digitally-created mandalas in a beautifully designed site.

Meeting the Mandala
A brief article on Mandalas by Barbara Clare Goodwin.

Mandala book list
A brief list of books relating to Mandalas.

Mandalas to buy
Some for free download, some to purchase. One Spirit Mandala Project.

This site contains graphics, linkware, artworks, articles and information that relate to the meditational, mystical, metaphysical, spiritual, astrology, mandalas, Reiki and Seichim, Ancient Egypt, and healing. There are original Reiki and Seichim art, linkware web graphics, mystical fonts to create your own graphics, information, links and graphics on Pagan and Wicca, and more.

Mandala Magic
A "small refuge of mandalas and magic." On these pages your will find mandalas as a meditation tool and as part of ritual magic. There are seven six-fold mandalas whose colours change as you view them.