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Resources used to create this site
Graphic & web designers
Some favourite website designs

Resources used to create this site

Some of the background seamless tiles, various buttons, and animated gifs for this website were kindly provided by the following:

Steve Bennet, a true wizard of animation. I note recently that his direction (and site) have now changed, to promoting his amazing sculpture. He says he learned finally "If you can't touch it, it's not real".

Blue Sky Heart

Ender Design

Chaos Designs
Unusual site with very friendly and generous hosts, lots of great tiles and graphics.
Awesome site, a very talented and wonderfully original artist. Celtic knotwork, Arthurian themes, fantasy-style artwork.

Topaz Designs
A very talented young woman with beautiful design sense. Her other sites are equally impressive.

Techno Realm
Very cool tiles, and some great button sets available.
What an amazing site, the source of all the fractals seen on this website! Hundreds to look through, and truly generous to make available for free for others to use. Thankyou!
Thankyou Nasa for the photographs of the planets!

Digital Meltdown
Awesome background tiles, a high-tech wizard.

Infinite Fish
Wonderful digital artist, incredible talent. And so much achieved for such a young guy!

Charmyn's Textures
Some beautiful background tiles here, soft swirly ones and some 'fractal-style'.

Absolute Cross
An awesome talent, and some great background tiles.

Renfield Imaging

Arty Attic