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Make an Anagram from your name etc.
This is a fun website where you can see the 'hidden' meanings in your name or business name or anything else. Tony French I discovered is a 'Chef non try'. I always knew my cooking wasn't really up to scratch!

The Ascerbic Tarot
This, and the next page that it links to, is a hiilarious description of the Major Cards of the Rider-Waite Tarot from a less than sacred perspective!

The Redneck Tarot
"These here are my Redneck Tare-rote cards!” .....“Redneck Tare-rote? Well I’ll be! You eat too many paint chips or somethin’?”
An inta-restin' revisioning of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck.

Scott Kim's incredible word puzzles
This website holds some real 'wow's', when you see the wonderful wordplay of this graphic designer and puzzlemaster. Words that read the same upside down, words that illustrate what they mean in the way they are presented...Scott Kim is a master at playing at the edge of ambiguity and paradox, and has been truly gifted with some creative breakthroughs in his intriguing field. I particularly recommend the following of his work: Infinity, Fantasy, Figure/Ground, Teach/Learn, Input/Output, Egyptian, and the Tree fractal. Good stuff!

Tarot wallpaper for your computer!
This is an interesting site, with a wildly bright and geometric wallpaper for each major card - with explanations of their energies too. I like the Chariot and the Devil ones.