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Ecology & Activism

Global Eco-Village Network
A resource for those interested in sustainable living and tribal community.

Willing Workers on Organic Farms
A great scheme - become a WWOOFer and stay in exchange for work on many organic farms, homes, and communities in New Zealand! Tribal networking for mutual advantage. I lived at two such host communities and really enjoyed the international (and national) visitors that came for a stay.

Independent Media Centres
A portal into the world of activism on so many levels, linking to similar sites in various cities around the world. What the usual media channels don't want to know about.

Celestine Vision
This is the site of James Redfield, who wrote the best seller "The Celestine Prophecy" and other works. Though his work is very much part of the Metaphysics and other communities, for me I was impressed here with his activism - his 'Synch-Links' page is especially impressive with its lists of organisations and individuals working for change and growth.