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Alex Gray - visionary artist
Alex Gray is an incredible visionary artist working in oils. Of special interest to the Taromandala Teachings is his Sacred Mirrors site which showcases this famous work in a new context called the Sacred Mirror Chapel. Each painting in this series mirrors different levels of identification we can make. I saw these paintings in a book in 1991 and was profoundly affected by them. Awesome talent and vision.

Article on Alex Gray
An article detailing Alex Gray's 'shamanic journey' through which his life turned to the pursuit of spiritually-uplifting art.

Ken Wilber on Alex Gray
From Ken Wilder's website (see metaphysical community links).

Robert Venosa - visionary artist
Robert Venosa works in oils, producing years ago what I think can only now be imitated digitally, such crystalline landscapes and light-filled forms.

Mati Klarwein interview and pictures
Mati Klarwein's cosmic book 'Milk 'n' Honey' I found in a bargain bin in 1989 and treasured ever since. He was the cover artist behind the Santana album 'Abraxas'.

Art4Spirit - the art of Cynthia Ré Robbins
Such beautiful art here, especially her 'Sacred Thread Mandala'! Magical, sacred, nature-based, inspired...Such talent to be able to convey such feeling. A good links page here to other visionary art too.

Fantastic Art Link Resource
The most complete link to Visionary Art in the World, according to Alex Gray.

Hieronymous Bosch
This website says that this master of alchemically-inspired art 'spent his entire artistic career in the small Dutch town of Hertogenbosch, from which he derived his name.' I'd like to think that 'hiero-nymous' might mean 'anonymous (mysterious) priest'. There was a great novel I read once about a journey through his 'Garden of Earthly Delights' triptych.

A. Andrew Gozalez
An inspired painter of alchemical angels.

Shamanic Origin of the Arts article
This article, by Phoenix and Arabeth, I put here as these two early on (in 1989) guided my path in Shamanism with their imaginative art.

An interesting art site, of deep Giger-like yet mystical paintings. The one of Kali is awesome.

Evolutionary Artwork Exhibition
One page of ten artworks, mostly abstract, on evolutionary themes, with some beautiful mandalas among them.

Michael Green and ArtsTribe
The homepage from which the listing above came from. Michael Green has his heart and consciousness in a good place, modern and yet tribal. Very inspiring work.

Jonathan Earl Bowser
These paintings are pure romantic Beauty, sweetness and light. A master at what he does to envision Aphrodite, if not any other goddess.