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Psychic Books
Established in 1978, Psychic Books is the shop with a difference. It specializes in Spiritual, Psychic, Natural Therapies, and New Age subjects, presented in a very tranquil atmosphere. And with this wonderful website (lots of purple like this one!) they have excelled themselves - a clean, efficient design with an awesome range of products.

Merlin's Directory
Associated with Psychic Books (above) this site has a magical and friendly design, with listings of many alternative practitioners, services, and products.

Tarot Aotearoa
The website of Fern Mercier, Tarot and Astrology consultant, teacher, writer, and presenter, She's based in Auckland, a good friend of mine.

Pentacles Psychic Adventures Newsletter
Free monthly newsletter covering tarot, healing, psychic and other New Age businesses, created by my friend Pat Martin.

Astrology House (Auckland)
Specialists in personal consultations, chart services, classes and software. Hamish Saunders, Angela Thomas, and Mark Griffin.

Carol Squires - Astrologer
Carol Squires PMAFA, DTASNZ, AMAPA. Personal consultations. Astrology classes:- day & evening classes & tuition by correspondence.

Barry Brailsford and Stoneprint Press
Barry Brailsford is the author/scribe behind the series of works of which 'The Song of Waitaha' is perhaps the best known. He says that his vision is of a larger world, a place where the gentleness and courage of the peaceful way has the power to stand against any tide.

Rainbow Network News Magazine
The website of the best-selling New Zealand New Age magazine.

Victor MacGill - When The Dragon Stirs
This book by Victor MacGill was a real 'find' for me - concerning the 'Hero's Journey', fairytales and mythology. A great resource. This is the homepage of Victor, who is also a keen Ken Wilber fan.

Karal Studios
The Website of my friend John Alloway, creator of a wonderful range of inspirational jewellery, stained glass, art and healing tools.

Next Dimensions Lending Library
A great service - over 6,000 items (books, tape, CDs) on personal growth subjects to borrow for only $15 per annum and $2 (for books) at a time.

New Zealand Health Network - Personal Growth links
This large directory has some interesting links to New Zealand sites.

Mystic Planet's listing for New Zealand
A long list of various New Zealand New Age and personal growth resources, including a quite a few of the various rural communities and retreat centres. Unfortunately no associated websites are listed!

Altered States
A New Zealand catalog of electronic mind expansion tools and many other items. Just reading the list of what is available these days is mind-opening.

The New Zealand New Spirit Festival
Speakers, workshops, music, New Age readings, entertainment; tickets $15 per day, $20 weekend. Auckland, Palmerston North, and Christchurch. Chris Cooper organises these valuable, community-building events.

Glen Atkinson - Astrologer
A professional astrologer for over 17 years, Glen was certainly a light on my path a few years back.

Wayfarer Online
John and Melody Anderson have created something very special here - a beautifully-designed 'journey' for 'Wayfarers' through various domains including the 'Great Land' and 'The Not-Real World'. Hard to describe, quite original. I love the alchemically-inspired artwork.

In The Light
An interesting site, with many links listed to interesting places, including various websites on spiritual teachers. Duncan Watson is a seasoned spiritual traveller (and Led Zeppellin fan).

A 'confidential referral service providing free access to reputable health related professionals.' The creation of my friend, Ms Sam Mitchell.

Jewel In The Lotus
My friend, Tone Knight's site, with info about Sai Baba, the Jewel In The Lotus shop, Lotus Essential Oils, and products from Tibet and India among others.

Pathfinder Books
A huge database of books on so many spiritual subjects here - even to read the 'subjects' list can be mind-expanding!

MensTrust - New Zealand
A Christchurch, New Zealand-based Men's Organisation.

MENZ - Auckland New Zealand
An Auckland based site advertising a variety of resources and services for men both locally and providing links to others in NZ.

Earth Healers
A directory set up "so you may connect with people who are able to assist you to lead a more fulfilled and joyful life."

Rose Hurley
Rose is a psychic experienced with Tarot, dream analysis, and numerology. She is based in Auckland and consults by phone.

Sherryl Gates
Sheryl's passion in life is working with people "in any way that takes us all closer to being an enlightened species on this beautiful planet." She practices as a professional Astrologer, and also holds the New Zealand agency for the astrological software produced by Esoteric Technologies Pty. of Australia.

The website of a group (Grove) of Witches of different practices who have formed a fellowship to provide information and news to the Southern Hemisphere community. Witchy news, shop, gallery, etc. Temporary link to pentagrams page here.

Witch's Voice New Zealand
The Witches' Voice is a proactive educational network providing news, information services and resources for and about Pagans, Heathens, Witches and Wiccans. Cool design!